Catholocism Wow!

27 11 2004

So a priest, a rabbi and Bugs Bunny walk into a bar…

Seriously, today I experienced catholic mass for the first time ever. It got me thinking of a few things, and I had a few weird things in my head changed.

For one, masses are not held in Latin and are not full of dead monotonic chants. Apparently, that sort of Mass is only for the Pope. He can have it. I was amazed that while they do sing in catholic mass, the songs were more or less upbeat. At times, they almost resembled normal church songs. Wierd. All in all, I would say that catholics just have a lot of extra things they need to do to feel close to God. Being doused in holy water, kneeling when entering or leaving the main worship area, that self blessing thing, communion are all things that I would say are symbolic, and is more than any of the other relgious factions do.

One of the other things I though about is that I did not grow up catholic. I am, however, of the Mexican-American decent which in general means you are also catholic. I just wondered how different my life would have been had I been catholic (and spoke spanish). More food for thought for a different post.

I must end with the observation that there are lots of white catholics (I was on the non-hispanic side of town) and they are a little more upeat than I ever gave them credit for being…


Is 5 hours and 52 minutes too much to ask?

25 11 2004

So, I’m coming off my best performance in the 22nd annual El Tour de Tucson. I finished 111 miles (109 by my compu-meter) in 5 hours and 52 minutes. It was great, I felt great for 100 miles. The last 10 were tough, but I finished strong.

However, I couldn’t help by feel that the one day a year that I want my friends and family to pay attention to me was more or less ignored. Is one day too much to ask? Is 5 hours and 52 minutes too much to ask for someone’s attention? I am grateful to all the time Fern and my wife put in to follow me around town with my video camera, and his new high end picture camera.

I have never been a popular person, nor have I been one to seek out attention, but I think I have always longed for one person who at least was interested in the things that I do and would do them with me. I think all this solitude is starting to get to me; I feel alone in a sea of faces…

The Olive Bar

23 11 2004

The Olive Bar
While I was waiting for my wife to finish her shopping spree, I snapped this picture of the olive bar. While one set of olives can smell appetizing, having them all in one place is a little disturbing to my nose.

Where’s Santa?

21 11 2004

Where's Santa?
Where’s Santa in this picture? While it may seem innocent enough, I find it a little disturbing that Santa (or his helper) is sitting in front of the crotch of the gigantic teddy bear. That’s not where I would want MY childhood memory photographed…

Look out Below!

18 11 2004

Look out Below!
This picture was taken on Nov. 13, 2004 at the GABA Bike Swap. We were looking for helmets just in case she wanted to take a ride with me in the near future.

Capitolist Pigs

18 11 2004

“Finally, those filty capitolist pigs will pay for their crimes, eh komrads?”

Yesterday, I left work early so that I could venture downtown to pick my packet of goodies at the Convention Center. The drive there was normal mid-day traffic, but my real worry wasn’t the traffic …

I drove up to the TCC and as forworned by everyone on the message board, parking wasn’t free. While, I may have a slight understanding that we cyclists should pay for premium parking on Saturday, a day in which about 10,000 people will be crammed into the area to watch the action, I don’t seem why we should have to pay for parking at a place that we will be at for less than an hour. And what really ticks me off is that we don’t get any money back or credit for the next couple of days. I mean, i just may be interested in returning on one of the following days to catch the goings on of the FREE expo. But since I have to pay for parking, AGAIN, I will skip the chance to meet an American Cycling Pioneer, Bob Roll. I will not get more free samples. I will not pass go.

And, just to let y’all know, the parking for the packet pickup wasn’t being charged only 2 years ago. It was last year that the city realized they should grab all the money they can from people who can spend more than $1000 on a bike…

Filty capitolist pigs!

I am your Father!

17 11 2004

Eliana, Upside-down
A Father and her daughter playing around. She may grow up to like roller coasters. I hate em…I’m doomed…