My todo list

8 11 2004
While we all have a daily list of things we need to get done, such as the laundry, buy groceries, feed the dog, etc, I find that in order to really feel productive, we need to list our things todo in life. These things are the reason we live. These items are why we get up in the morning. Here is a glimpse of my lifetime todo list:
  • Learn Chinese
  • Learn Spanish
  • Be a better cyclist
  • Learn some Kung Fu
  • Teach kung fu to my daughter
  • Ride my bike in other countries
  • Go on a Tour de France vacation tour
  • Visit New Zealand again (this time, not for work,and get out of Auckland)
  • Visit China (during the olmpics would be cool)
  • Do bike tours in europe
Personal Interest
  • Teach english in an asian country
  • Live in an asian country for a while
  • Learn bass guitar
  • Play cello again
Yes, and last but not least,
Threesome with Japanese Twins



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2 07 2008
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