It’s Not Your Week When

9 11 2004
The stars are just not in the right alignment for me right now…
You know it’s not your week when:
  1. You pull out the CPU on your computer only to find that it has melted with the heatseak; thus there is no way to reinsert the CPU without prying it off…which then proceeds to render it useless.
  2. You ride 90 miles of a 97 mile bike ride and you get a huge flat. So huge, that you can hear the air hissing out of the tire. And to make it worse, your spare tube has a leak in it as well.
  3. Your web site has been down for a couple of weeks and you have tons of pictures to share. And you host your own site.
  4. You’re riding your bike to work and, 2 blocks away, your chain snaps.
All this has happened to me within the past week. If it had been things on a smaller scale or perhaps farther apart, it wouldn’t be such a big deal…
Perhaps my luck will begin changing with this post…



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