Milestone acheived, but how?

10 11 2004
Ok, this is weird…if you know me, you know that I’ve been a tad on the heavy side all my life. Only two years ago I was topping the scales at 240 pounds. My pant size was 42. My BMI was around 31, while not as serious as other, larger people, was still considered obise. I was at the doorstep of the hugely overweight. I could have walked right in.
Instead, I picked my exercise vehicle of choice, so to speak, and rode it to a new me. I immediately lost a few pounds here, and few pounds there. I was at 220 in a month. The next week, I was at 218, then 215, then 210. Wow. Eventually I stablized at 205. I had not been anywhere near this weight since I was about 10, so naturally, I was prefectly happy with 205 regardless of what those BMI indicators said. And I have been at 205 for at least a year now, without any real motivation to lose anymore.
However, recently, I had begun to view myself as getting overweight again, even though I was still riding my bike regularly, and thus figured I could use yet a few more pounds. My ultimate goal is to be at 180 pounds. That is means a good 25 pounds. While I have not achieved that milestone, I have broken through another that seemed near impossible to reach before: 200 pounds. Not only am I not over 200 pounds any more…I am at 198.
Usually, I ride my bike on long weekend rides and lose several pounds of water. I usually gain it all back within a day or two. This time (last sunday), I had wieghed myself after riding, eating, refeuling, and rehydrating and I was still 197. That was 4 days ago. Cool.
So, while I still have a long way to go before I reach the promised land, I know it is attainable in time.

On a side note, sometimes I wonder why I don’t lose more weight, or that I didn’t even realize the good I was doing myself while I was losing weight. In regard to not losing more weight, I was happy with where I was at and I didn’t kick up my exercise level any higher. The most likely reason for the weight loss, in my view, was that I wasn’t focusing on weight loss. It was more of a side effect. I was more focused on riding my bike and taking up a new hobby; something I had thought about all my life, but was too chicken to do anything about. I didn’t focus on scales, and honestly, I hardly noticed the loss at first. But eventually, my pants started to become larger, and more people would say “hey, have you lost weight?” Nothing is more encouraging than those 5 words.
But, while the wieght loss was a huge personal win, I felt like I had won prizes worth much more than the pride of losing wieght: my life and my future. I had developed better eating habits because I was focused on riding my bike, and not on food, which as it turned out was more fun and rewarding anyways. I wanted to ride faster because I knew I could, and I knew what was limiting me. I had achieved a better lifestyle. I had finally started riding my bike to work after a couple years of putting it off. I had become more health concious not because I forced myself to, but because I wanted to do it.
Just do it.



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