Today I Became a Parent

11 11 2004
Ok, so I’ve been a dad for more than 7 months now. Things have gone along, not always smoothly, but I think I (and my wife, the mom) have handled being new parents rather well. Our daughter is healthy and happy. You just can’t ask for more.

But, tonight, was one of those tests of parenthood that you never think about when you are watching those birthing class videos (shutter, did I have to remind myself). I had to give my daughter a suppository. Yes, she’s been plugged up for a bit too long, and needed some assistance. This was one of those things I thought I would never do. And to my own flesh and blood no less. However, my know what is in her best interest even if she doesn’t at this point, so I trudged along with my parental duty knowing that yes, it may have hurt her (I honestly hope not), but it wasn’t very much fun being on the other end either.




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