Have you lost weight?

15 11 2004
I wish I could say I have been training for the upcoming el Tour de Tucson for a whole year, but that would be wrong. I don’t I’ve really kept up a tight training regimen at all for the past few months. While I have done the weekly GABA training rides and been generally keeping up with riding, I haven’t done anything specific to riding to improve my riding.
Alas, the big event is this weekend, and I am yet again doing the 109 mile mile event on my own. Alone with 6000+ other people I guess. I try to recruit people every year, and every year, it seems that none of my friends or family seem to care (with one exception). They marveled at the first time I did it because I had recently lost weight and no one was sure just how I would do on a course that long. Now, after riding a bike for the better part of 3 years, it has lost its novelty to everyone.
While I am not really concerned about that, I am concerned that my efforts to become fit and healthy have not had one single shred of motivation on any of my family members. I have dropped 40 pounds, I have more energy and generally feel good about my body (except when I realize I need to lose 20 more pounds). But my family only seems to accept this as something that they can’t do. That was how I used to look at it. I saw people lose weight, and I would always think “Why can’t I lose it?”. Well, the answer was that I wasn’t motivated enough to spark a fundamental change in my life. Eventually, I saw that by simply riding my bike to work (something which I’ve wanted to do anyways), I could add a lot of exercise to my life and not even really think about it. Eventually, I lost enough weight that going to the gym wasn’t as intimidating, and I could do workouts that felt at my level, not the level of a kid or an overwieght fat guy.
I was lucky. Lucky that my job was only 9 miles away. Lucky that I could ride on the bike path in relative safety. Lucky that I had a workplace that supported alternative mode of transportation to work. Lucky that my wife believes that this is the best thing I could ever have done to myself. Lucky that Lance Armstrong was only winning his 4th tour when I started watching and enjoying the Tour de France.
My parents in particular have a larger hump to get over. They work in physically intensive jobs, which may sound like an answer in itself, but I think mostly it is just a way to get sore muscles without benefiting their health. Sure, they are getting older, but if they just spent time together at the gym, instead of watching TV because they’re “tired after a long day of work”, they would quickly realize that gym time would result in more energy. Energy they could easily convert into playing time with their new granddaughter. And, they, like the rest of the country seem to think “I would be too intimidated at the gym, so I’ll just buy equipement and use it at home”. Well, that never works either because it usually just sits there.
I am not sure why I am not the motivational factor I thought I could be, but it still irks me ..



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