The Korean Mofia

16 11 2004

Ok, well, it’s not exactly like the mofia, but here we go:

Today, my wife, daughter and I were out on the town and trying to figure out where to eat (well, not my daughter, she was asleep). We had decided on this place called Ichiban which had just opened up near our house. Ichiban, as you all know, is the Japanese word for the number one. Needless to say, we were both in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned sushi … like ma’ used to make.

So, we head over, walk in and the first thing we both notice is that it is run by Koreans. While this revelation was not really surprising to either of us, what followed…well, frankly, wasn’t too surprising either. We ordered our typical giant plate of sushi not expecting a whole lot. My wife, born in Korea, starts busting out commands in Korean (because all the waitresses are Korean). I dunno what it is, but after a few minutes, our waitress brings us some squid salad (it tasted better than it sounds). They offered us more Miso soup. I bet they would have given us more things had we asked. And the biggest bonus of all this was that it was free. We paid only for the giant plate of sushi. The green tea my wife ordered was taken off the bill.

Our daughter eventually became fussy, as usually happens around her feeding time, and we realized it was just about time to leave. So, we asked for the aforementioned bill and prepared to leave. As we were getting up from the table, another waitress (who, incidentally ushered us into the restaruant) said Stay, ice cream. I was like cool. But, I was also secretly hoping it wasn’t the nasty Red Bean flavor, this was, after all, a Japanese restaurant. The ice cream turned out to not be Red Bean flavor, but instead it was Green Tea flavor. Now, I have had Green Tea flavored ice cream before on a trip to South Korea (home of the Green Tea ice cream, I suppose), and even though it was branded as Haagen Daas, it tasted like Haagen CRAP. However, never to be the one to hold a grudge, I gave Green Tea flavored ice cream another chance. And wouldn’t you know it, Mikey likes it.

And it was free, thanks to the Tucson Korean Mofia connection.

Moral of the story: when going to a Japanese restaurant in Tucson, always take your Korean-speaking girlfriend/wife with you so you can load your bellies with free food! 🙂




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