Capitolist Pigs

18 11 2004

“Finally, those filty capitolist pigs will pay for their crimes, eh komrads?”

Yesterday, I left work early so that I could venture downtown to pick my packet of goodies at the Convention Center. The drive there was normal mid-day traffic, but my real worry wasn’t the traffic …

I drove up to the TCC and as forworned by everyone on the message board, parking wasn’t free. While, I may have a slight understanding that we cyclists should pay for premium parking on Saturday, a day in which about 10,000 people will be crammed into the area to watch the action, I don’t seem why we should have to pay for parking at a place that we will be at for less than an hour. And what really ticks me off is that we don’t get any money back or credit for the next couple of days. I mean, i just may be interested in returning on one of the following days to catch the goings on of the FREE expo. But since I have to pay for parking, AGAIN, I will skip the chance to meet an American Cycling Pioneer, Bob Roll. I will not get more free samples. I will not pass go.

And, just to let y’all know, the parking for the packet pickup wasn’t being charged only 2 years ago. It was last year that the city realized they should grab all the money they can from people who can spend more than $1000 on a bike…

Filty capitolist pigs!




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