Is 5 hours and 52 minutes too much to ask?

25 11 2004

So, I’m coming off my best performance in the 22nd annual El Tour de Tucson. I finished 111 miles (109 by my compu-meter) in 5 hours and 52 minutes. It was great, I felt great for 100 miles. The last 10 were tough, but I finished strong.

However, I couldn’t help by feel that the one day a year that I want my friends and family to pay attention to me was more or less ignored. Is one day too much to ask? Is 5 hours and 52 minutes too much to ask for someone’s attention? I am grateful to all the time Fern and my wife put in to follow me around town with my video camera, and his new high end picture camera.

I have never been a popular person, nor have I been one to seek out attention, but I think I have always longed for one person who at least was interested in the things that I do and would do them with me. I think all this solitude is starting to get to me; I feel alone in a sea of faces…




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