Merry New Year

5 01 2005

Whoa, has it really be a whole month since I posted anything? Has it been that long since my computers were last up and running? Nuts to that I say…

So, anyways, the big thing that is going on right now, other than work, is cycling. I have made the brash decision to join a club that emphasizes racing just a tad more than the previous group of people I was riding with. I figure I’m only young once (and I ain’t getting any younger), so I need to go and try this while I still have the urge and the ability. Well, the real competative ability will come when I lose 20 pounds.

So, anyways, the club is Saguaro Velo. These guys seem pretty cool, and a bit closer to my age. I really am hoping that I can learn something from them as well as make some new friends in the process. I have signed up and paid for a USCF license. I am starting to train and ride after a month of nothing. All I need to do now is sign up for some races and see how it goes.