A shy man’s dilemma

2 08 2005

I’ll admit, I’m a shy person. I am comfortable alone. I am never one to blurt out anything. I feel like I am merely a passenger in this grand experiment of life. I yern to be in the driver’s seat. To take control and do something different. I want to break out of my shell. This blog is my first step. Baby steps.

I have trouble walking up to a person, looking them in the eye, and saying “Hello”. It extends a little beyond just meeting new people, I can see its effect at work. I know I am not contributing as much as I can due to my failure to speak up. How can I end this? Well, some would say Just Do It. I believe that will work, but only until you’re reached a certain point…a point which I have not achieved.




One response

12 08 2005
Gummi Joe

Don’t worry, you’ll never really be ready, or at least you won’t know you are, but you’ll get to the point where you can put yourself out there and not think twice about it. Don’t be afraid to look like a fool to the world. That used to hold me back, but then I realized that we are all here on the same boat, and we all play that character sometimes. I have faith though, and you’re making good progress. I’m keeping track!

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