Saul’s STP 2005

2 08 2005


Some of the sights along the long 200 miles between Seattle and Portland during this year’s STP bicycle ride. Forests, mountains and bridges lined the course, as did several neighborhoods. I should go back and spend some more time in Seattle though…




3 responses

9 11 2005

hey this is interesting. I used the STP on my 10,000 mile tour. I just reversed the route. It worked great. I also went through Tucson on the tour. Thanks for the post it brought back memories. Check out my bike tour vlog if you get a chance:

Paul Sanchez

5 09 2006
Airport Security « Blog de Mora

[…] This week, we decided we would take a break from the desert heat, and visit a new place, Portland, Oregon. I had been in the area last year to participate in the annual Seattle to Portland bike tour. This time around, the whole family is here. While we have many things to see (including future places to live), we have a lot of other places to see and things to do. But, getting here was just the beginning… […]

23 06 2008
Another Mini Vacation « Blog de Mora

[…] a short trip over the course of a weekend covering the 200 miles between Seattle and Portland. I rode this event a few years ago, and I have been eager to visit Portland in the summertime again ever since. However, the cards […]

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