Do I want an Adventure?

7 02 2006

I was riding my bike home today, and when I wasn’t dodging cars or obsticles in the road, I was thinking about things that I want to do in my life. After all, the whole meaning of life to me is doing fun things before your time is over. Alas, on this day, my thoughts meandered to one of the things that I have wanted to do, and hopefully will get a chance to do: take an extended trip over seas in a foreign land and experience life in a way I never imagined. It would be extremely scary for me. I am the type of guy who is more or less stable, and does prefer a stable future and environment to an unstable one. But, I want to take the plunge, so to speak, and dive head first into a foreign world to see and experience it for myself.

So, what’s stopping me, you say? Well, needless to say, I am living what most people would consider a dream life already. I have a wife, 2 kids, a house (no pets). I live in a quiet suburb in a quiet town, that has it’s own problems, but nothing that isn’t managable considering what problems can exist. I have a kick-ass job and work for a world-reknown company and treats me and my family better than any before it. I am the american dream. But, many days, it feels like it’s someone else’s dream I’m living in. Sure, I’ve a family to take care of and I accept that. I can’t help but feel like I’m missing the bigger picture. Day in and day out, I see my own little world, and as perfect as it is, I am willing to give it up for a while to experience something I have never experienced before.

I read about these people who saved up all their money for several years. Every last penny they earned went into a savings account. The goal was to quit their jobs, and bike across the world. These people started in Prescott, AZ, not too far from here. And from what I remember, they are somewhere in South America right now. Peru or Chile perhaps. They had plans to visit japan (via plane, then bike) and eventually travel across Asia and Europe. What a neat idea.

Sacrificing everything you have for one huge goal. Perhaps I need more discipline. Perhaps I need to get real. Perhaps I need something else I haven’t thought of yet. But, my deep thought for today was that I think I am in need of more adventures in life, a big one, or lots of little ones, an adventure to share with my family that is more than a trek across the state to Disneyland. Something we will treasure for our whole lives.




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