My bad

9 03 2006

Having recently started my daughter, Eliana, in daycare at The Learning Curve, she has been a little difficult when leaving her there for the day, and picking her up in the afternoon. Before this whole daily adventure even started, her mother, Jeong, warned me that she should not be the last child to be picked up. I agreed with her since I most certainly remember how it felt to be the last one waiting for a ride home as a child. It felt like I was abandoned. Even if only 5 minutes late, it still felt as though I were forgotten and did not matter. I did not want Eliana to have that same feeling.

As I work thoughout the day, I’m able to keep an eye on her at the Daycare with their webcams. It’s really neat because I can see how she’s doing throughout the day. Needless to say, I was working like a busy little bee at work when I looked at the screen and noticed that it was already 5pm, and I still had some things to take care of before I was able to leave. I managed to leave work only 10 minutes later, and in my attempt and making a beeline to the daycare, I managed to pick almost every wrong road on the way. Slow traffic, red lights, school zones, all were slowing me down. When I finally arrived, I jumped out of the care, thinking “There’s noone else in the parking lot, this can’t be good”. Low a behold, there she was, in the backup classroom where they herd the “leftover” kids, clinging to the teacher, crying her eyes out. My heart sank, and I felt as bad as any niglectful parent that day.

My daughter though, she knows that once I am there, she has my full attention, and knows the kind of fun we have together. Usually, she grabs her Dora suitcase or backpack and rolls it to the trunk of the car. As I load it up, she runs up the sidewalk waiting for me to grab her in mid stride. This day, she did not do that since the trauma had her clinging to me all the way to the car.

Since then, I have found the most optimal route to the daycare and I leave with plenty of time left on the clock. I hope she never feels like that again.




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