Message to the future

14 03 2006

I’ve been doing lots of thinking about this blog. My current audience is non-existant. My postings are irregular, and not too many people can relate to my topics. So then, why should an anonymous Internetizen such as myself even consider posting topics so close and dear to my heart?

The short answer: My two daughters.

I think it comes from not knowing my parents as well as I should, or maybe my desire to find a way to relate to my kids in the future. My own childhood wasn’t unhappy, however, I think i always wanted more. More from my parents. But then I always thought I wanted too much, and put aside what I wanted and accepted what I had: two loving parents and a great family. Nevertheless, I want to do things a tad differently for my children, not because I think my parents did it wrong, but because I am different from my parents. I have evolved into my own person, as does everyone. And as my own person, I personally want to be able to talk to my daughters about anything, and hope they are able to do the same with me. Yes, even though they are my father.

I am still a strapping young man, full of life, with many dreams. Life has not beaten me down yet, as perhaps it has others even my age, but most certainly those who are older. My dream is that my children will have a deep first-hand understanding of their father. And not as their father 15 years from now. But as their father who was only 10 years older than they were. It may be an impossible task, and perhaps through my everyday communications, blog journals like this may not be necessary.

However, I also look back at history, and how much of what we know of our past is learned from journals and letters of fathers to their wifes and daughters. This is my legacy for all the Internet to read. It will be my eternal gift to my children, worth more than any car, xbox 1080 or whatever material item may come. This blog, which they will no doubt someday read, should help them to understand some of the things that have gone and, and why I chose to do things a certain way. Don’t you wish you could ask your parents why they did something to you as a kid? I think I can tell them now, and they can read about it later.

I love my daugthers, and I hope they will understand me better as they get to know me in the coming years as not only their father, but a close friend.




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