A Day to Reflect

15 03 2006

Today was day for some minor celebration. Today marked a milestone event that has completely changed my life. Today was also just another day, not to mention Pi day. Today was my first year anniversary of working at Intel. In my previous job, I was getting really bored, and it showed in my work. I was uninterested and any solutions I had to cool problems were subsequently tossed aside as the wrong solution. All these things take their toll. Along with the fact that the company was doing very flaky things to the rest of my coworkers, I knew that it was in my best interests to find a new workplace.

Luckly, Intel found me. I had posted my resume on numberous job board, and an HR representative from Intel left a message on my home answering machine. I don’t remember the words exactly, and really, they don’t matter much to me right now. The one thing I do remember is that the follow-up call was from a guy named Jason Morris. He leave me through my technical interview, and I guess I did alright as I was invited to an onsite interview. I was flying high that day because In knew Intel’s reputation as a great employer. I had also heard about the awesome sabaticals.

I arrived at Intel on a very cloudy day. It had just rained, which in Arizona, is quite rare. When I arrived at the front desk and asked the security guard to call my first interviewer, I was a little nervous that no one answered the phone. So, I asked her to try again, with no luck. So, I took a seat, and waited. I figured there were going to be more people interviewing, so if they come for someone else, I will ask them what’s up. Five minutes do not even pass by when a man with a folder containing notes calls my name. Saved me the trouble, I guess. Let the games begin.

I’m not going to list everything that happened on my interview that day, because I frankly can’t remember everything. I do remember that I was exhausted mentally at the end of it, and that I knew I had done everything I could to get the position. And, in the end it all worked out, and I have worked with those same groups of interviewers ever since.

My time at Intel has thus far been great. I work with smart people, and I am learning new things everyday not only because I can, but I am challenged to do so. There has not been a day when i do not look forward to going to work. There have been days where I am just tired and could use more rest, but this is quite possibly the perfect job for me.




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