Where does the Time go?

22 03 2006

Seriously, it seems like these days time just flies by. It used to be that I had a few hours every day to do little things that benefited myself such as read a book, write a little code or some other brain enhancing function. Now, every minute of my day seems to be accounted for, and none of them are for me. Here is a brief sample schedule:

6 -7 am Wake up and eat before the kids wake up. I get to read the morning news, but usually only for a few minutes before they figure out I have snuck out of the room
7-8 am Shower and get ready for the day. This also includes bathing and clothing the kids. I guess I should count myself lucky that I can get all of this done in one hour.
8-9 am Driving to work. Normally it would take only 15 minutes to drive to work. However, now that one of our kids is going to daycare (we tell her it’s school, I think they learn somethig there anyways), it is 30 minutes to drop her off, and another 30 minutes to get to work. Thanks to be my brilliant driving skills and deductive route finding techniques, I have shaved nearly 20 minutes of this time. I try to make the most of my mundain driving time by downloading some informative podcasts and listening to them along the way. My daugther is also linstening, so I don’t know if she’ll come out to be a techno-nerd like me or not.
9 am – 5 pm Work. Work is my saving grace. I have fun at work, and I learn a lot of things every day. If it weren’t for work, I would be a mental pile of mush.
5 – 6 pm The drive home from work. More podcasts, more traffic.
6 – 7 pm Family dinner time. It doesn’t take an hour to eat, however, it does take that long to get the kids to settle down and eat, and then to clean up our mess.
7 – 8 pm Some times I can fit in some nice activity here like watching a game on TV or whatnot. Most of the time, this is play time for me and the kids. It’s nice to play, but sometimes I just have things on my mind that I want to get in the computer before they evaporate from my brain.
8 – 9pm Bed time. This used to be easy, but lately not so much
9pm – 7am Sleepy time for me, if I’m lucky. But I usually not able to do anything useful here as I’m mostly asleep anyways

While this schedule isn’t all that bad, it doesnt’ give me a whole lot of time to do the one thing that I absolutely need to do to maintain my health, exercise. Sure I can to it from 8 – 9 maybe, but that hasn’t happened yet because of the amount of attention I need to give my kids. Hopefully, just by posting this schedule, I can figure out a way to reinclude exercise back into my normal routine.




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