Learning as we go

27 03 2006

So, Eliana has been sick this whole weekend. Even though she is two, we are still fairly new parents and don’t know all the things to do when it comes to things like childhood illnesses. My first reaction was to give her some blankets and keep her warm: I know that the last time I was running a temperature, even though i was burning hot, that is what I wanted to do…it helped my body deal with the sickness.

Next we had already scheduled her birthday party because, hey, it was her birthday. We did as much as we could with a sick child. It would have been more fun if she was not sick, but then that’s how it goes.

At her party which happened at her grandparent’s house in Tucson, we learn that she needs to be kept cool. Upon returning to casademora Gilbert, we strip her down to her diaper and cover he with wet towels. Some children’s tylenol helps keep her fever symptoms in check.

So, today we notice that she still has a temperature in the morning, so we give her some tylenol and head to the doctor. After waiting for an hour in the office, we’re finally seen. At least she doesn’t shove us onto the next area in the assembly line right away. She suggested that she might be suffering from pnemonia, and that we need to get some X-rays done to be sure. So, after another hour wait at the radiologist, we were told to wait for a few hours before a final diagnosis is made.

The doctor called and said she does have pnemonia, which means more medicine for Eliana. She hates taking medicine as it is and I hate forcing her to take it.

The moral of this entry is to know how to deal with kid colds and fevers before they have them, don’t schedule your child’s birthday party on their birthday, and visit the doctor ASAP if you kid has been sick for more than 2 days.




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