Sleepless Nights

30 03 2006

No, we aren’t worried parents anymore. We are just hoping that our two young daughters will sleep through the night.

We recently moved to a new house, and as a result, we moved our older daughter from the crib to a normal full size mattress. For more than two months, we had a great routine going:

  • I would announce bedtime
  • She and I would brush her teeth
  • I’d change her into her pajamas
  • I’d read her some bedtime story
  • I would walk out the door and say “Good night, see you in the morning”

So much for the good ol’ days. Now it’s such a fight just to get her to brush her teeth. Over the past two weeks, our oldest has not wanted to sleep in her own room for some strange reason. At first we thought she was afraid of something, a strange and scary noise perhaps. So, we decided it would be ok to let her sleep in our bed. The problem with that was our bed was too small because we already had our new addition sleeping in our bed. So, I took Eliana with me to the bed downstairs so that she wouldn’t sleep alone. This was ok until she started to throw her terrible 2 tantrums. Now she doesn’t even go to sleep until late at night, and still wakes up in the middle of the night yelling about something.

Last night, in preparation for her nightly awakening, her mom put Annabelle (the little one) into her crib so that the yelling wouldn’t wake her up. When Eliana did wake up, being the frustrated dad, I put her downstairs in another bedroom to let her ride out her tantrum. I was surprised when she didn’t really put up a fight (I guess she was tired), and when I put her on the bed, she didn’t try to run to the door. I closed the door, with a small opening for some light. I returned to sleep in my own bed, and two things immediately surprised me: Eliana was quiet and not screaming, and Annabelle was quiet and not screaming. For the first time in over two months, i was alone in the same bed as my wife. We are actually able to have a nice discussion about our strategy, and things that are coming up in the next few days…overall a nice chat, one that is definately easier without screaming kids around.

I only hope we can repeat last night’s success with the kids…




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