Gaining Ground

8 04 2006

Over the past two and half months, I have been in a constant battle with myself. Primarily, I'm fighting for my fitness and my sanity, both of which I consider important. Both of these also have been the first casualties in the war to keep my children happy and healthy. Today, I won a minor battle on both fronts, and it felt extemely good.

The first was a short bike ride. After last weeks debacle, I was more motivated than ever to squeeze more time out of the day so that I could keep or hopefully, improve my fitness. The first major test was going with the local GABA club to climb South Mountain. Contrary to the sound of things, South Mountain is really more of a long hill than any Mountain that I've even ridden up (especially the Rocky Mountains). However, in my weakened state, even this little bump of a climb would probably give me a run for my money. So, you can imagine my amazement when we started climbing that I was actually keeping up with people.  These aren't the crazy fast racer types that can fly up a 12% grade at 15 mph, but neither are they the slow people in their granny gears spinning their way to the top at a mere 5 mph. Today's short ride up the hill was one of the best rides I've had in a while. Judging by feel, my progress back to legitimate cyclist is on track.

The second area of minor success today was with our baby girl, Annabelle. With all babies, the first few months are quite difficult because of the seemingly endless bouts of crying, diaper changes and late night feedings without so much as a smile to say "Thanks Mom, or Dad".  Within the last week or two, Annabelle has cracked a genuine smile and not one of those "I have gas" baby simles. Today was the day we were all waiting for: a laugh. After I returned home from my ride, I went to help out with Annabelle and started doing my baby faces in front of her. I immediately recieve a smile. After a couple of burps, I started to hear a tiny little baby laugh.  It was gold. I managed to make her laugh again, I knew it wasn't just a one time fluke. I showed her mom who was in the shower; she immediately turned off the water to better hear the tiny little baby laugh. Needless to say, we were all excited that she reached this little milestone. So, as any proud parent would, i tried to continue the laughter (which is a lot better than listenting to crying). I was, however, unsuccessful in my attempts, and only recieved a small headache for my efforts.

While things are still progressing, it looks like progress has been made in the right direction. Tune in next time when we find out if the older sister has learned to use the potty! I can only hope for so much, I suppose.




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