10 04 2006

When I dropped Eliana off at school today, I had to drop her off an hour early. Now entering her terribly twos, Eliana doesn’t seem to want to do anything we ask the first time anymore. Such is life. We managed to weather the storm. When I drop her off early, I have to take her to a new classroom, one for the kids who have just turned one. Normally this bothered her more than me as she wasn’t used to being dropped off all alone. Today however, with all the kids running around, it occurred to me that she is one of the more advanced kids when I drop her off. Granted, comparing one and two years is millions of neurons in difference, but comparatively, it just felt like they were all in special ed, and I was leaving her there in the middle of it. Again, while this was truely not the case, it does underline the importance of being amongst a set of peers who are equal or greater than you in talent. This had actually been a problem of mine at a previous employer. However, once I started working at Intel, all that changed overnight, and I have been grateful for the switch ever since.




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