Great Friday

14 04 2006

Today was Good Friday, but to me and everyone else, we would say it was a Great Friday. It was just any other day, but it seemed that things went well no matter what was going on.

While I was at work, I was watching Eliana’s classroom via the web cam and saw a scene very different from the typical goings on. The first thing I noticed was that she was playing and interacting more with the other kids. I think she is finally getting a little self confidence and is able to show her true self to everyone there. In so many ways she is like me, and this is one of those ways. I genuinely hope she can learn how to warm up to people faster over time.

The second thing I saw via the web cam were easter baskets. They were all lined up in a row filled with goodies guaranteed to make them hyper over the weekend. It was fun to see that before they each recieved their baskets, the teachers and helpers hid many eggs throughout the classroom. the images transmitted via web cam were bringing back memories, as well as creating new ones we can all share later.

After the egg hunt, which I was unable to watch as I was still working, I saw the little ones donned in smocks to keep them from making a mess of themselves while they each dyed their easter egg. What a sight. This would have been a great day to just stay there and watch them through all their activities.

While Eliana was having fun at school, I was having my own fun at work. While it was just another day on the job, it was one of those days were things are going your way, you feel great about your work and the contribution you’re making to your team and company. I may sound cheesy, but that kind of feeling has been rare, but has made many more appearances since starting work at Intel.

While this isn’t the greatest post, there will be more, and it’s late and I hope to start tomorrow off right with a bike ride.

Great Friday everyone!




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