Online Bike Lane map

16 04 2006

Web mashups are now donig crazy things on the web like tracking your Fedex packages along its trip on a Google map. This is cool because the mapping part is done for you, while you take car of getting the data.

I had an idea for a good mashup that could help cyclists all over the country. Have all the usable bike lanes available on google maps. Now, of course it would start off with one city, but I can see how several metropolitan areas can be stored in this mashup, and in some cases (like Boulder and Denver) how they may even connect. It could also be a community of cyclists sharing their favortive rides, as well as commuters who have a best route to a certain area. This will definately help new commuters overcome the fear of finding a safe route to work.

There are several possibilities with this mashup…I just hope I can find some time in my crazy schedule to get something running. The only thing is how am I going to get all that data without doing it myself?




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