My Favorite Part of the Day

21 04 2006

Many parts of the day were considered for this award, however, the final decision was made a little easier by the fact that my daughter is a major part of my favorite part of my day.

Everyday that I pick my daughter up from school/daycare, I find her classroom, and wait in front of the window of the classroom. My intention is to see her reaction when she finally notices me suddenly appear to pick her up. It is great when she is playing, then looks up and sees me, then smiles a huge grin, and immediately stops what she's doing and runs full speed to the classroom door. As soon as she starts running, I make my way to the door as fast as I can, and open it. I get down low enough, and open my arms wide and wait for her to slam into me. These moments are priceless memories that are easily my favorite parts of the day.




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