When I was there

21 04 2006

This morning was a little crazier than usual. Everyone woke up late, meaning we were all behind schedule and hurrying to catch up. Eliana and I packed our bags, and grabbed our breakfasts to go so I could get her to school in time for me to get to work.

The really weird part of the morning was when I dropped Eliana off. Usually when I drop off Eliana, she wants me to carry her into the center with her backpack on, and carrying her lunch. This is quite a task, and it gets worse over time as she became heavier. Even though I tried to get her to walk in, I understood that she may be tired, or uncomfortable or just shy. She might have also just wanted the security of me holding her (she is a daddy’s girl). Today, she walked in, holding my hand. I was glad to see she was more comfortable with the whole schedule of going to school and being confident enough to walk herself.

Yesterday, we were given notice that when we get there before her Teacher arrives, she will go into a new room. So, today, we headed to the new room, and she just froze at the doorway. As soon as I saw her freeze, I remember how I reacted to new classrooms when I was a kid, and it was pretty much the same way. I know that I was always uncomfortable being the new person in the class (and while I don’t freeze, I am still uncomfortable being the new person in a room). I would have liked to stay there an help to reassure her and help her be comfortable, but I think she handled the situation very well. She didn’t cry instantly, she just wanted to go to her normal classroom. Also, a couple of kids came over and said hi, and I tried to get one of them to say her name. They were a little older, so they seemed to pronounce her name easily. I reluctantly left as I had to get to work.

It is amazing how lifes little experiences remind you of so many things about yourself. I only hope that I can learn well enough to help Eliana overcome her reluctance, as I would have like someone to help me.




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