Bang On!

10 05 2006

The ride home from work and school with Eliana was more fun that usual today. Normally when I drive to and from work, I load up my MP3 player with tech news and shows so that I can stay informed on the latest goings on in the tech industry. Today, I ran out of tech talk shows and decided to play some music. I have a variety of music available to me at the touch of a button from new age to heavy metal to techno. I chose one of my new favorite groups, Apocalyptica. They are a cello quartet who got their start by covering classic Metallica tunes on their classical cellos. The sound was interesting and cool. The song that popped up for me and Eliana today was one of their newer songs with a rhythm section (drums, etc) and was most likely performed on electric celloes. As soon as the music started going and getting loud, Eliana started to dance. She does this for lots of different music. Then, she started to head bang when the music became a little heavier. Amused and amazed, I decided to join her in her head banging session. Needless to say, both of us had a great ride home and enjoyed a little more father/daughter bonding.




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