Diabetes Be Gone

11 05 2006

After my initial news from the doctor that I should not consider myself a diabetic anymore, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I've had this disease since I was 13, so that would be more than half my life with a very serious medical condition.

Over the last few years, my condition hasn't been quite so serious.  Ever since I started riding my bike and losing weight and getting fit and healthy, I have not worried so much about the diabetes I thought I had.  I have dropped from a high of 240 pounds and taking glucphage twice a day to 195 and taking nothing.  Although the benefit of weightloss has let me buy some nice clothes, I truely believe the type of exercise cycling provides longer lasting benefits to my health, and in this case, has essentially "cured" me of all traces of diabetes.

At my last appointment today, I had a first hand look at my blood test results. The number one indicator of a diabetic's progress toward a normal life is measure with an A1C test.  A bad number is above 8.0. Doctors like you to be below 6.5. Normal is below 6.0.  My reading was 5.9. It has been like this for the last several blood tests.  My fasting glucose reading was 99. It was a bit on the high side, but definiately showed signs of a well oiled pancreas.  Overall, the doctor said that my test results were better thant 99% of the people he has tested.  Even if that's an exageration, it's still nice to have reached such a high standard.

I have a theory on what all the really means: I will always be susseptible to diabetes, but my body has to have right conditions to habor the disease. Being overweight, out of shape and eating a poor diet, for me, are key factors in whether I will develop this condition again. It is my goal to keep pedaling to keep my health in check and not only live a long life, but a fun and active life.  Who wants to sit around the TV all the time living vicarously through some sitcom?




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