Reflecting on my Parenting

19 05 2006

I was driving home with my daughter a couple of days ago, and as I was playing with her at a stop light, I had a strange epiphany. Eliana is her own person, a person whom I have helped bring into this world, and whom I will spend the rest of my life introducing the good and bad things about this world. She is a new person in my life, one who adores me (she's a daddy's girl), and someone whom I will be reponsible for. I can't imagine my life without her, even though I look fondly at my life before her.

With all these thoughts about Eliana, I hate to say that I haven't felt that way about Annabelle just yet. Perhaps its that I haven't bonded with her just yet. Or, perhaps she just isn't old enough for me to better interact with her as I do with her sister. Perhaps I'm just not a baby person. Annabelle is a good and beautiful baby, but there are many a day where I wouldn't mind if someone else took care of her for a while.

Being a parent is my second life. Some things are good, some things are bad. Many times I am happy to be a parent, and many times I wish I weren't a parent. Nevertheless, I accept my role and resonsabilities as a parent. I think most people have similar feelings about their kids, but these are all very new to me.




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