Maiden Voyage

20 05 2006

Today I was finally able to take Ol’ Red (I still need a good name) for a decent ride. I decided to meet a coworker at the weekend GABA phoenix ride that starts from Kiwani’s park in Tempe. The ride started at 7am, and I started around 7:05 or so because of my late departure. Part of the reason I was late was because I don’t have a bike rack that will not harm the new bike. My current roof rack engages the bike at the down tube, holding onto the rack. The new bike does not have a round downtube, thus will not fit. A new one is on order.

As for the first responses to the new bike: it’s awesome. It’s so easy to go fast on that bike, I found myself holding back so that I don’t loose the safe numbers that come with a group ride. Every time we stopped at a light and started up again, I hardly had to turn the cranks and I was way ahead of everyone else. It felt like I was gliding most of the time as well. It was so effortless to put this machine in motion, it is a pure joy to ride. At the beginning of the ride, I heard a guy say “I want that bike” as I passed. And other people thought it was a nice looking bike. It is seriously worth the investment to have an awesome unique bike.

Now for the real trick, getting my body to be as awesome as my bike. I am going to try to make more of an effort to lose these last 20 pounds so that I can “match” the sleekness of the bike. This means no more ice cream, sweets and other non-essential food other than the weekly “binge” meal. It will also mean a little more exercise than normal. However, now that I am feeling much more energetic after recovering from a mild case of anemia, I think I should be able to handle this well over the next 2 months. I hope to lose the regular 2 pounds/week, which translates to 10 weeks, or about 2 months of a combination of exercise and diet. Wish me luck.




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