My Next Project

21 05 2006

After our last experience with the Picture People, my wife and I have decided that my photograhy skills and current crop of good photos of the girls is good enough that we will invest in some decent camera equipment and start a mini home photo studio. Ok, there was a lot of words going on in that last statement; let me clerify:

Recently, we visited the mall child photography studio, The Picture People, not once, but twice. The first time was terrible, the second time, the results were marginally better. Since the idea of going to these people is to have great pictures every time, we figured two strikes and you’re out. Other reasons for making a home photo studio is that we can photograph the girls (and maybe even ourselves) on days when they look their best. We will never forget a shoe or headband at home, because, hey, we are home. We will have access to a large number of personal, meaningful props such as our kid furniture, Eliana’s favorite toys, and Dora dolls.

Photography has peaked my interest lately, especially since my kids were born. Not only have I tried to take good photos of them, I have tried to take good photos of everything I shoot. As such, my mild mannered photography skills are improving and the results are noticable in a number of shots on my photoblog. So, in an effort to further practice with willing test subjects, and to hopefully create beautiful portraits that are a million times more personal than anything we will ever recieve at the mall, we are putting the two girls in the same room (moving all their toys into the same room) and converting one (of 5) room to a photo studio.

I have done a little research on the Internet and found that a few simple lights and a good setup are good ways to get started in figuring out what you want in a home photo studio. The camera is on order, awaiting final production shipments to the US. Other item, such as lights and reflectors will be purchased or created over time as I learn more about the finer points of child portrait photography. I still have to empty out a couple more items of furniture and move all the clothes from the closet to the new bedroom. I have purchased a king-sized bedsheet that will act as the primary backdrop for my first crop of portraits. As the new studio evolves, I’ll be posting photos for others who are curious about my implementation.




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