Funny Things for Today

22 05 2006

Today was a day like any other, except for the massive wind storm that blew by.  However, after I returned home with Eliana, the weather outside was perfect Spring weather, and we decided to spend it outside. While we were out there, Eliana did a couple of cute things that we wanted to at least write down:

I was out taking pictures, when my wife came up to me and held me as she does to show affection.  Eliana saw this, and started to gently pull on her shorts to get her away from me. She wasn't rude or mean, she just knew what she wanted. After she managed to move her far enough away from me, she decided to take the same spot from which she had just removed my wife. It was quite a funny moment as it shows that there are going to be many more battles between mother and daughter(s) in the future regarding my time.

 Later tonite, after we came in from a pleasant evening outdoors, we were sitting at the couch, watching a TV movie when Eliana decided to cut across our legs.  What she said was quite funny as it is something we haven't taught her (but we're sure she learned it at school).  While she was stepping over our toes, she said "skooze me". It wasn't that clear, and was quite funny to hear her say that in her 2 year old voice. Just another in the long line of fun childhood memories we will have of her.




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