Feeling a Little Guilty

4 06 2006

Today, we have perhaps reached the point in our parenting lives where we now try to have our kids schedule fit our own. As busy people, our schedule doesn't always fit that of a toddler or a 4 month old. So, today, while we didn't do anything to hurt our children, we did perhaps play a dirty little joke on our older daughter Eliana.

Since my wife works remotely on somewhat large projects, I thought today would be a good day to venture out and grab a nice family lunch together at NYPD Pizza. Eliana was excited. When we pulled up, she announced "Pizza!" and pointed to the restaurant. Honestly, who teaches her this stuff? Our meal was terrific, and Eliana was on her best behaivor. Annabelle was asleep, but then woke up, but didn't start crying. It was a good meal.

After we left we had more errands to run. As we were driving to Costco, which was about 20 minutes from our last stop, she started to get sleepy. Eliana is usually sleepy after a good, large meal. However, us parents would rather she not sleep while we're out shopping. It's the best time for her to be awake and make herself more tired. So, we promised her some milk and ice cream, two of her favorite foods. At one point she closed her eyes, but as soon as I mentioned the magic words, she opened them, and tried to stay awake. Luckily, the drive to Costco went fairly smoothly.

When we arrived, she was about to fall asleep on my shoulder, when I made her walk to the store entrance. It was obvious how tired she was because her feet were dragging. In a place like Costco, its tough to sleep, especially when we let her run around everywhere. Our visit was short and to the point, we did not plan on getting too many things. Milk was indeed on the list, and we did get to sample some cheesecake for free. So, even though Eliana did not get her ice cream, we got her the next best thing. I don't think she minded, or even noticed, the substitution.




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