Family Time

14 06 2006

Usually by this time of year in the desert, the day is terrible, as well as the afternoons. However, we have been graced with ever so plesant evenings. It was today that we finally made something of it and decided to pack up the kids into the bike trailer and go for a short jaunt around the neighborhood.  It was nothing spectacular, and had almost no exercise value.  Instead it was a pleasant hour spent with the three most important people in my life on doing one of my most favorite things: riding a bike. 

It was a classic evening to be sure.  The evening sun was not as bright as it is overhead in the early afternoon. The sky changes colors with the clouds going from white to purple to orange and to a deep grey before the sun finally sets behind South Mountain in the west. A cool breeze was a gave the air a nice cool feeling, one that I would not associate with June in Arizona. We rode along nearly every road in our neighborhood, and taking the multi-use paths to see where they go. As we meandered about, my wife and I we admiring some of the other houses nearby.  We were amazed that some were so large, and also that there were so many for sale. 

This was a great evening, one that I am glad my wife encouraged us to do.  I only hope that we can do more of these types of family rides together. 




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