Visiting Makutu's Island

25 06 2006

Our family had an opportunity to visit Makutu's Island. Eliana's friend, Mya, recently turned 2 years old, and her parents were kind enough to invite everyone who attends Eliana's school to a Saturday afternoon romp around a giant indoor playground.

As soon as we arrived, we met Mya and her family. I hate to admit it, but I don't remember seeing Mya when I drop off Eliana in class. She may be new, and she may also be dropped off on a different schedule than the one Eliana and I are on. They seemed a friendly bunch, and I could see that they were collecting the presents on a cart. I have Eliana's gift to Eliana to hand to Mya. She took the bag, and slowly walked over to Mya, and gave her the bag. She then backed away and ran into my legs and clung tightly.

After a few minutes we were escorted into the play area. My first impression was that this was a fun place. It was very chaotic with tons of kids running around all over the place, but I think kids need a place like this. Where was this place when I was a kid? Kids were swarming everywhere letting their imaginations run wild. Eliana on the other hand was having a more difficult time.

We first ventured to the giant banana tree in the middle of the play area. I was tentative at first to start climbing within the tree, but I soon found other adults heading inwards, so I decided it was ok for me as well. On the next level up, we found a slide. Eliana loves slides, and we went down together. She loved it.

In the large banana tree was a tree house at the top with a bridge that connects to the "pirate's cove". This was a pint-sized suspension bridge hanging nearly 40 feet in the air. I was scared looking down over the edge as we were very far up. As I was assessing the bidge, some kids ran past Eliana and I with not even a second thought. Eliana was not as brash, but she was brave. She ventured out to the middle of the bridge and then stopped. I was hoping she would make it across. As soon as I saw her stop, I knew she was not going to go any further, and called her back. We took the giant 25 foot slide down to the bottom. I think we both enjoyed that more than the bridge.

After nearly an hour of playing around, I noticed that everyone was gathering up towards the party rooms and getting ready for pizza, cacke and cookies. The birthday party was a fun little gathering of two and three year olds, and I'm amazed things went along so well.

Eliana and I had a ton of fun exploring the various areas of Makutu's Island. I hope timees like this resonate with Eliana as great childhood memories, as this will be one of my fonder memories of the things we have done.




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