Cry Baby

30 06 2006

Tonite, we were on our way home from a nice evening out. Our normal setup is that Eliana will sit in her chair in the van and watch whatever video we have for her. Usually, these are one of the number of Baby Einstein videos we purchased from Costco some time ago. This time, we had left all of these videos at home. There was one cartoon, however, and even though I was reluctant to let her watch it, I think it was still ok. I had my copy of the original Transformers cartoon movie. The movie itself is terrible from my point of view, but when I put it in, it was fun to hear Eliana laughing at the weirdest points in the movie. I was also glad to hear that she was enjoying the animation as she really wasn’t even interested in the story line.

On our way back home, she was more than half way through the movie when her sister, Annabelle, started to cry. Annabelle crys a lot in the car, so we thought she would tough it out and stop crying in a few minutes. She didn’t stop. I have learned to tune out the crying, although it is still not the sound I want to hear while driving on the freeway. However, I think Eliana was extremely frustrated. Eliana was happy to watch the final act of the Transformers movie, but when Annabelle started to cry, she really couldn’t enjoy it. Annabelle’s crys were loud enough to drown out all the sound from the movie, which I believe really annoyed Eliana. So, as an frustrated sister would do, Eliana tried to get Annabelle to stop crying. She started doing all the little things her mother and I do, such as the “ssshhhhh” technique, talking to her “hey sister, hey sister, calm down”, to just flat out saying “quiet, sister”. She didn’t yell any of these, she said them very calmly, as we do when we are trying to quiet and comfort Annabelle. However, despite her calm appearance, I could tell she would rather have bee listening to the sound from the movie rather than the sound of Annabelle’s crying.




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