8 07 2006

Today we were driving home from a successful trip to the mall (one where we didn’t buy anything). In the van, Annabelle is either sleeping, or making some sort of baby noise to keep herself amused. And, of course, sometimes she just cries her heart out because her diaper is dirty.

Today was a different day. Today, she started to make sounds that resembled speech. And, the word she was struggling to get out sounded very familiar to the one that Eliana would blurt out when she was first learning to talk. Annabelle was making sounds similar to the word “Apa”. Apa means dad in Korean. Eliana was quick to latch onto this word since she knew it refered to me. While Annabelle and I haven’t bonded as well as Eliana and me, I think she has a certain fondness of me. She lets me know her fondness when I smile at her, and she smiles back in her big toothless grin.

I have two little girls that will probably not give me a moments peace until they leave for college in 18 years. I’m in for one hell of a ride now.




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