Things are simple, really

8 07 2006

Over the course of my life, I’ve always looked fondly at some of the things that are kinsidered difficult or complex. I’ve always wondered what was so complex about these things. Why is it so difficult to take great photos? How can I make a great film? How can I kick some butt on my bike? I’ve recently realized that there is no great mystery in what makes someone great at something; and, it’s probably different for each person who wants to be great at something.

A few weeks ago, I went to the local library and borrowed about four different books related to digital photography. Each on focused on different aspects from the digital RAW file to using Photoshop to enhance photos. Prior to borrowing these books, I had played with camera RAW tools available within the my current software, and had already figured out quite a few things. I thumbed through each book trying to find some nugget of information which I had not run across in my own personal experiments. However, after looking through them all, I found that I already had most of the knowledge to do the things presented in the books. I realized that there really is no secret to shooting and working with camera RAW files, it really is that easy.

Over the past four years that I’ve seriously ridden my bike, I’ve wondered what makes pro cyclists pro. Other than the fact that they can make me look like I’m riding a tricycle when they pass me, there has to be some way they got that good. So far, I’ve learned a lot of different techniques and things about cycling, and yes, there are several things that the pros can do better than me on a bike. However, it wouldn’t mean that I couldn’t ever be a pro, I would just have to work at it more. From what I know what the pros do, there is no secret workout or technique, no magic formula other than the countless workouts and exercises prescribed on many cycling web sites. Anyone can be a pro if they work at it.

And so are many other things that while I don’t have a full grasp on now, but with a little effort, I will learn first hand what I read about in books.




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