My Daddy

10 07 2006

Lately, Eliana has become very possessive of many things. She is reluctant to share her toys with her friends from school and even her sister. She is just at that stage right now. When she does show signs of not sharing, I immediately step in and remind Eliana the importance of sharing. I give the toy to the other child, and have the other child return it to show her that the other child is only curious, and that there is nothing wrong with sharing.

On the other hand, Eliana has also become possessive of me.  When I go to pick her up from school, and she sees me coming, she makes a beeline for the door (as she always has) screaming “Daddy, daddy!”. As soon as she reaches me, and grabs my legs, she turns around to whomever is listening and proudly proclaims “My Daddy”.




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