Pink Eye

14 07 2006

It was inevitable. Eliana started going to school about 6 months ago, and was bound to come in contact with more germs. At the beginning of this week, Eliana’s eyes seemed to be more red than normal, and she had some green stuff building up in her eyes. After another day at school, they called and said she needed to go home because of her eyes. It happens.

So, she has taken her medicine, and I have become more adept at putting eye drops in her eyes, when the next day, Annabelle’s eyes start to become red.  She has now got pink eye and much also take medicine.  I guess it can’t be helped; kids share germs if nothing else.  And now, even my wife has reported a doctor visit while I was at work and is also on pink eye medication.  Ouch.I guess I am next, but only time will tell.




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