Summer Storm

25 07 2006

I took this picture from the back of my house. It is summer monsoon season here in Arizona, a welcome time of year for all Arizonans. This is the only time of year when we get a change of weather from the constant hot dry heat to some wet rain.

I remember when I was a kid, I was obviously freaked by the lightning, and moreso by the loud thunderclaps they caused. Whenever a loud one pronounced itself and was too close for comfort, I remember jumping up and running to my dad for safety. He almost seemed to laugh at the storm. I felt secure with him, and I felt the house we were in was also secure in that it would protect us for nearly anything that the desert could throw at us.

Now that I am some one’s dad, I play that role of security provider. Even now, Eliana just woke up, and all that was needed was for me to let her feel my presence by laying next to her for a minute. She called for me, and was secure in the fact that I was there. I am glad that I can provide this feeling of security for my family, but I will admit that sometimes I do put on a facade.

Perhaps it’s a combination of things from watching my current house being built to just being more aware of the dangers of the powerful storms that roll across the area, I have a sence of awe as well as fear from these storms. Houses these days don’t feel as well built as the original one in which I grew up. This may just be a matter of perception, but it just feels that the break-neck pace and the materials of which houses are built in this area leave that little window open that can allow for a critical failure when we least expect it.

These storms will still come and go, and I will always be in awe and respectful of their power and beauty. I will continue to stand between my kids and these storms as my fatherly duities require.




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