They Grow Up So Fast

25 07 2006

The other day I was noticing how large and mature Eliana has become. She is only 2 years old. Her speech is not so eloquent yet, but she can communicate her needs far more effectively than her 6 month old sister.  She has slowly grown over the last 2 years; mentally and physically, especialy vertically. It was when she began to put her cups and dirty dishes into the sink that I realized, she’s not a baby anymore. Soon I realized that she can and wants to turn off the lights. It’s handy, as sometimes I encourage her to turn on the lights (obviously the on position is just that much higher).  Sometimes I still have to get up because she is still not sure which light switch turns on the light I want her to turn on.  These small things are great memories of a fun-loving child are some of the joys of being Eliana’s father.

As Eliana grows older, and taller, I think that perhaps I should do as many parents do and find a place in the house and start marking Eliana’s height on a regular basis.  Annabelle is also going to go from her rolling over, to crawling to walking very soon which means she should be measured as well.  It is such a small thing that has such a profound effect on kids. They see their own growth right in front of them, and while it can lead to comparisons, I believe it can lead to great converstaions that may at first be uncomfortable, but in the end, educational for me as a parent, and her as my child.

There is a growing chart at her school, although it’s done with an erasable marker.  It has every child in the class on the chart, so it is not as personal as one of her own.  Our current home will most likely not be that for very long, so in order for me to maintain and transfer such a keepsake to wherever our new home turns out to be, I need to make or find something that is seperate from the house. Hopefully, I can have something ready sooner than later.




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