Set Free

29 07 2006

When Eliana came down with Pink Eye a couple of weeks ago, she was unable to attend class.  Not that she was not able to, but we felt obligated to not continue the spread of the germs to the other kids. (Yeah, we were being nice). Since Eliana had all that time to spend with her mother, who managed to find a little time in her busy schedule, her mother decided to start toilet training Eliana. We were hoping this would come sooner than later, and as a matter of course.  I was hoping Eliana would want to use the toilet since me and her mother use them all the time.

At first, we tried to just teach Eliana about using the toilet. We would take her to the toilet when we thought she was ready. Her pull-down diapers would come down, and we would help her get to the kid-sized toilet seat inlay with Dora the Explorer images all over it. She would sit there, and stare at us like we were the dumbest parents in the world. She didn’t have to go.  She was just playing and we interrupted her and sent her to the toilet. There had to be a better way to get her to use the toilet when she had the urge. There was no way we could tell her, but we knew that she knew…

Her mom had heard from other sources (a friend of hers) that simply removing the diaper would make the child want to run to the toilet. It’s amazing that kids are actually somewhat considerate and don’t want to make a mess.  So, without a diaper, Eliana was running around the house half-naked.  She was set free. No more diapers. This also meant she couldn’t releave herself whenever and whereever she felt the urge to go. For this reason, her mother tried to stay home with Eliana as much as possible.  So, with a half-naked toddler running around the house, she started to realize rather quickly that should would make a little mess if she didn’t get to the bathroom.  Sometimes we didn’t hear her tell us that she needed to go, and as we raced to the toilet, she would let go.  Those aren’t messes I like to clean up.

Amazingly, after a week, she pretty much had the routine down pat.  It was also getting a little more obvious when she had to go; she holds her goin area, as most kids do because the pressure of the bladder is a little too much for a small kid to tolerate.

So, for now, Eliana has been set free from diapers for the most part. We still use them for her nap times and bed times because she doesn’t have complete control of her faculties just yet. This should help cut our diaper budget down to just one baby. Next, we need to load up on Elmo and Dora kids underwear.  At least those get washed…most of the time.




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