Thanks, Sony

31 08 2006

About two weeks ago, we sent in our Sony snapshot camera to a service center for repair. The camera was displaying some weird pattern on the screen, and was unusable. Luckily for us, it was still under warrenty, so I went to Sony’s service website (which was a little tricky to find) and submitted a request. From that, I recieved an email confirmation and general mailing instructions. A short visit to the post office, and viola, the process was started.

A couple of days later, I recieved an email that my package had been recieved, and was to be processed and repaired as needed. That was about all I heard from the Sony repair center in Texas.

Yesterday, I arrived home to find a box sitting on the front porch. I think the UPS delivery guy didn’t even ring the doorbell because my wife was home all day. While it had only taken a couple of weeks to get the camera back, I had sort of forgot about it.  But, getting in getting it back, I was impressed with the promptness of Sony’s US service center. Sure I only got one email, but one is all I really needed to know that it arrived.  I’m quite confident that if I any more input was required on my part, more emails would have come from the service center. The quality of the packaging was also very nice. The camera arrived in the same box I shipped it in, fully repaired and ready to go (with some fresh batteries, of course). That box was packaged in another box full of bubble wrap. Very nice.

In all, I was very impressed with the Sony service center, promptness (for me anyways) and the quality of the repair. The camera is now back in working order.  Thanks, Sony.

Father and Daughter goofing around

28 08 2006

When I was first hired by Intel last year, I signed up for a training class in Tucson. That class was canceled, and I was offered the opportunity to take the class in Las Vegas. I took the family along for the ride. Eliana was only 14 months old, and was just starting to walk. We took her for a walk down Las Vegas boulevard in the newer part of the strip. While we were all taking a rest, I was being a silly dad and sticking my tongue at Eliana, and she would stick her tongue back at me. It was great to take everyone along on an almost free trip to Las Vegas.

A Day with Eliana

24 08 2006

This is a little slideshow I put together using Photostory with some pictures of Eliana. Eliana was about 9 months at the time of these pictures, so it’s been a while since they were taken, but they are still fun to see with the generated soundtrack.

All Wet

23 08 2006

This past weekend, I found this little “spray park” at Desert Breeze park in Chandler, AZ. There is also a nice lake, and a little train that goes around the circumference of the park. However, in the middle of summer, there weren’t many people out there, so we had nearly the whole park to ourselves. This spray park is a great way to keep cool in the Arizona heat.

The Alphabet Song

22 08 2006

Well, from a toddler’s point of view anyways. This has been Eliana’s favorite song for the last week or so. It was a fun time for all to record her latest rendition of the song.

Welcome to this World

20 08 2006

This clip is about 2 and a half years too late, but better late than never, I suppose. These images reflect only the smallest part of our experience giving birth to our first daughter, Eliana. She was born by emergency C-section, but was, and still is, completely healthy.

Movie Night

19 08 2006

Last night, Eliana and I watched The Castle in the Sky. It is another great movie from studio ghibli in Japan. I borrowed it from the public library honestly for myself. I’m a big fan of the movie Spirited Away, from the same studio and director.

This was the first movie besides something with Elmo or the Baby Einstein characters that we watched together. The movie pulls you in right away with dramic escape sequences and crazy chase scenes. I think Eliana enjoyed her first real movie. It was a memorable experience for me as well because Eliana sat next to me, very closly on the couch. I was moved by her comfort with me, and I hope we have many more movie nights together.