8 08 2006

Last night, Eliana and Annabelle were playing together with their mom, and I heard some crying, then some yelling. Rushing to get to the scene of the crime as quickly and calmly as possible, I went to find out the problem first hand. Once I arrived, I learned that Eliana had bitten Annabelle’s hand. And quite hard since there was a red mark, but not hard enough to pierce the skin. So, as many parents might do almost instinctively, I spanked her. I tried to make sure that she knew why she was being spanked, and immediately made that her bed time.This is but one daily event on our running history of family experiences. However, this one was different for me because of how she reacted to the spank. After the first slap (there were about 3-4 on the butt), she reached back in pain. It immediately sent me back to my childhood when I did something wrong according to my parents as was spanked. I grimaced in nearly the same way. I was heartbroken, and the subsequent slaps were not as harsh.

I don’t enjoy spanking her. It makes me a person I don’t want or like to be. Recently, I believe I have been more stressed out than normal, and with my normal outlet a little less available than is has been in the past, I am more prone to a spank attack than I normally would be. When this happens, I realize it almost instantly, and try to take a few seconds to realize that I am stressed, and shouldn’t take it out on the kids.

I believe in a certain amount of spanking as a way to get your point across to kids. They instantly react to the negative pain. Yes, this power can be abused, and I constantly remind myself that I cannot overdo it. But my role as disciplinarian is limited, and I try to spend more time laughing and playing with Eliana than I do spanking her.




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