Hole in the Wall

10 08 2006

Recently, we realized that one of our spare bedrooms was smelling a little funny, and the walls were not colored white. We immediately knew that we had a water leak in the walls. The root cause analysis found a fault A/C Condenser line that was not sealed off properly all the way to the drain. Our house was built by Shea Homes, and I was ready for the worst when this mishap occured given our not so rosey past with this builder. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the swiftness and thouroghness with which our problem was handled. The day we finally had a customer care representative at our home, we also had an emergency repair team take action and cut this big hole in the wall and repair the problem. Things are almost back to normal, and we expect the carpet to be returned to its rightfull state within the next day or so.




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