Being Polite

15 08 2006

Yesterday, my wife took Eliana to school and picked her up. She doesn’t normally do this, but I want to try to ride my bike to work whenever possible, and luckily, she is very supportive.  When my wife went to pick up Eliana, a girl opened the door and Eliana quickly said “Thank You”. The girl replied with a blank stare. Since we have tried to teach Eliana to be polite, she expected “You’re Welcome” to be the natural response.  So, in case the little girl didn’t hear, she said “Thank You” again. Again, nothing. Now, it could be the little girl didn’t talk yet, or was just plain shy, but it goes beyond this little girl.  Eliana is very social at school now, and says “Bye-bye” to everyone.  And from the people who actually hear her say this (we know, because they see her or turn around), do not give a polite “Bye-bye” back.

I’m glad that Eliana is polite, and becoming comfortable around other people. I hope she turns out to be more social than I am, or ever will be.  However, I do find it a little disturbing that everyone is so wrapped up in their lives and is so full os stress (or something else), that they cannot say “You’re Welcome” or “Bye-bye” to a 2 year old. Is this a reflection of the world in which she is growing up in? I think the one I grew up in wasn’t much better, hence the state things are in now.  Is it time that people stop running around chasing their tails and realize that if we were all a little nicer to each other, this would be a better place to live?

NOTE: This post is a second-hand post in that my wife actually saw this first hand and was telling me about it in the car.




One response

15 08 2006

Keep at it. I know it seems pointless with so many rude and unmannerly people in the world. My husband and I taught our daughter to be polite, to never throw rubbish on the street and to hold doors open for other people. We were often frustrated at the attitudes of other people. But I have a nice, polite and mannerly 20-year-old daughter now who is considerate of others.

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