The Crying Game

17 08 2006

When Annabelle was first born, we knew there was a lot of newborn crying in store for us again.  Being hardened over that past couple of years with a very awesome first child, we thought we could handle it all over.

With Eliana, the newborn crying was loud, but she was an easy baby to figure out. When she cried, at first, we were unsure of what ailed her.  Eventually, we learned that if she hadn’t made a mess in her diaper, she was either hungry, or sleepy, or needed a burp. So, while she cried, we knew how to take care of a baby.

Annabelle on the other hand, would cry and being the experienced parents we are, we checked the obvious problem areas and addressed each as needed. But, the crying still did not stop. We were tired and perplexed. Eventually, we started to hear a little sound when Annabelle started to sleep. It sounded like she had some mucus in her nose.  It turned out, many babies do not have a fully developed nasal system. We did what we could to comfort her, but with as much as we did for her, we were, and frequently still are, rewarded with screams of pain for unknown reasons. 

Annabelle has gotten a little better as she’s gotten older, limiting her cries to when she’s tired, or when she strongly desires her mother’s breast. Annabelle is also starting to get her first teeth, and so too come random crys of pain.  Lately, I’ve seen Eliana behave so well in so many situations, it’s hard to believe she is a 2 year old. She listens to my requests, and is probably the most well-behaved child I’ve known.  Of course I am biased, but I still try to be as objective as possible. The differneces between my daughters doesn’t end with their crying tendancies, but they are the moments that we have to deal with on a daily basis.




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