Recent Milestones

2 09 2006

Over the past couple of weeks, each of our daughters has reached some significant milestones in their growth into childhood.

First, Annabelle has started crawling within the last couple weeks. And not only that, but she seems determined to walk as soon as she is physically able. When she crawls, she makes her way to the kitchen/dining area, and grabs onto the chairs for support and pulls herself vertical. Sometimes she seems scared of trying to get back to crawling and starts crying. When she is with her mother during the day, and they are both up stairs, she crawls all over the rooms and across the hall. Her mom has to keep a close watch because Annabelle wants to go down the stairs. She watches slowly, waiting for the right moment to make a break for it. When she does, her mom is there to catch her before she takes a bad tumble down. I think she enjoys being chased and caught, because she has a big smile on her face after being reeled in.

Eliana has reached a good milestone in her own right. She has become more independent over the past few weeks. But, now it’s coming in full steam; she wants to dress herself (with my supervision, of course) and go to the bathroom herself (which I can’t wait to not supervise) and almost any other situation she encounters, she want’s a crack at it on her own terms. I hope I can support her independence as much as possible. One of my goals for her is that she is a good natured, but strong and independent person when she grows up.




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