Dancing with Penguins

7 09 2006

Today, we visited the Oregon Zoo. It was a good day to go since all the kids in the area have started school, and we had most of the place to ourselves. The first thing I noticed when I walked though the entrance was a sign signifying the recent loss of Steve Irwin, the Crododile Hunter. The world has lost yet another treasure with his passing.

Within the zoo, we saw many cool animals, however, the one that I was promoting to Eliana all week was the Lion. As it turns out, the Oregon Zoo doesn’t have a lion. I found that odd, and a little disturbing. I have recently been teaching Eliana animal sounds, and the one she remembers most is “what does a lion say?”. I’m sure I’ll find a lion back at the Phoenix Zoo.




One response

19 09 2006

Me and my son were also disappointed… I was promoting him the same: the king of the jungle live at the zoo! groarrr!!!… and then we got tired looking all over for the “king” but at the end we noticed that there’s not such thing as a lion in the Oregon Zoo!!!… it was sad because even the tigers whom could help us recovering our son’s mood, was sleeping for such a long time!!!

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