11 09 2006

Today is the 5th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001. Being on the west coast at the time, I woke up at about 9am local time, which was already 11am New York time. Everything had already happened. When I looked at the news on the Internet, the pictures I saw looked fake. I drove to work at IBM and turned on the radio. I never listened to talk radio in the car, but this day was different. I heard the listeners and the talk show host comparing what had happened today to Pearl Harbor. I still didn’t know what happened. I pulled into my normal area to park only to be stopped by a road block. I had to go to the main entrance just to get to work today, things just got really weird. At work, there was a TV monitor near the office, and many people were gathered around it. I looked up and saw the replays. Needless to day, no one’s life has been the same since.

My first job out of college was at IBM. And, for my first ever business trip, I had the opportunity to visit the East coast and see a part of the country I had never experienced before. My girlfriend managed to re-arrange her travel plans and accompany me to Connecticut and join me in New York on the weekends. One place I wanted to visit was the World Trade Center. I was shy, but she asked a random passer-by to take our picture together. I was curious about the view from the top of the building, however, my acrophobia got the better of me when I looked straight up and saw the two towers right on top of me.

I don’t have a deep emotional connection with the towers as many New Yorkers do, however, I as well as many others, remember the events that occurred that day. I hope the people on those flights and in those buildings we able to make peace in their last moments. I prey that my children, nor anyone else’s, never have to experience terrorism first hand.




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